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Prose Alchemist

The Writings of Jordanna Morgan

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An archive of fanfiction by Jordanna Morgan.

Welcome to prose_alchemist, the personal fanfiction journal of jordannamorgan.

I have been writing fanfiction for well over twenty years, and sharing those writings online for more than fifteen years. The fandoms represented in my stories are varied, and sometimes obscure—but somehow, I’ve still ended up being most prolific in a couple of popular fandoms. My current fixation happens to be the original “Fullmetal Alchemist” anime. That said, I write whatever I feel like working on.

To best explore the fiction archived here, use the Tags List. You’ll find a system of prefix symbols that allows for easy searching by fandom ( ! ), character ( # ), pairing ( & ), series ( + ), or challenge ( = ).

A few things to know about my fanfiction:

~ I write mostly gen fic, with an occasional tastefully-written (and usually cuddly) het pairing for good measure. I do not write explicit love scenes, nor slash in any form. On the other hand, my style ranges from humorous fluff to deep angst, and I don’t shy away from handling dark themes now and then.

~ I never post a story that is incomplete. The majority of my works are one-shots, but when I do post the first installment of a chaptered story, it means the entire fic has already been written. The remaining chapters will follow in due course.

~ Of course, I cherish feedback. (Seriously; I file away comments about my stories in their very own folder on my computer, and read them regularly for a morale boost.) If you like something you read here, or you just have some thoughts about it, please take a moment to hit the “Reply” link and let me know!

You can also find my stories at my Fanfiction.net account, and at my website.

The Alphabet Fic Meme: would you care to leave me a “Fullmetal Alchemist” story prompt? There are still plenty of letters left unclaimed!

I do graphics too! Visit wolfbane_icons for icons, wallpapers, and texture sets.

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