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January 1st, 2017 - Prose Alchemist [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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January 1st, 2017

Overlord: Live and Learn [Jan. 1st, 2017|09:07 pm]
Prose Alchemist


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Title: Live and Learn
Author: jordannamorgan
Archive Rights: Please request the author’s consent.
Rating/Warnings: G.
Characters: Lord Ainz and Narberal (in their Momon and Nabe guises).
Setting: After the thirteenth episode of the anime.
Summary: Ainz explains why his followers can serve him best by living.
Disclaimer: They belong to Kugane Maruyama. I’m just playing with them.
Notes: Written for the prompt word “Apology” at [community profile] fan_flashworks. My first foray into writing an “Overlord” fic.

It was embarrassing to Lord Ainz when his servants groveled for no good reason.Collapse )

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